“Organization has been, for me, a life saver, game changer and irrefutable must.”


HI. I’m Kate.

Nice to neat you.


My mom once asked me if the state of your home could affect your state of mind. “Obviously,” was my answer before I offered ON THE SPOT to fly to her home to spend a week organizing her spaces. That was the beginning of House of Turk, an organizing and styling company blending effortlessly sustainable systems with effortlessly timeless style.

Organization has been, for me, a life saver, game changer and irrefutable must. A hard requirement. A prerequisite to managing the minutia and staying above of the all-consuming chaos of our day-to-day. With 3 kids under 5, two careers and a lot of dreams, our household is nothing short of a three-ring circus. An organized and efficient household is paramount. Equally as important is that each space is aesthetically pleasing. My appreciation for beautiful design runs deep in my blood and it is something I will always bring to every project.

My goal is that each newly appointed space allows you to go about your day with a lot more ease and a little bit of style - whether you are a busy professional going after your dream, a stay at home mom raising your tribe, navigating a loss of a loved one, or an empty nester ready for your next chapter. Whatever your circumstance may be, I cannot wait to meet you, and get you sorted and styled.

Until then,


FULL NAME: Kate (Katharine) Turk

ROOTS: New Hampshire


BY WAY OF: Waco, TX / Watertown, MA / Chicago, IL / Scottsdale, AZ

ALMA MATER: Baylor University

DEGREE IN: Interior Design

GROWING OLD WITH: Brett Turk, adventureman / director in the finance sector

THE KIDS: Cordelia / Everett / Rose

PARTICULARLY GOOD AT: Organizing, and downhill skiing, in that order.

GENERALLY IN FAVOR OF: Bulk candy, Andy Cohen, and hot venti nonfat dirty chais, hold the water.

NOPE: Large spiders and loud chewers.

PERSONAL STYLE: Classic neutrals, pattern mixing, and a pop of color. And always leopard.


 Shall we?