The HoT Tips: Closet Organization


Last week I had the pleasure of hosting a Meet & Greet at Lilly Pulitzer in King of Prussia, PA to kick off the Lilly Loves Spring Break shopping weekend. We sipped, we chatted, we Instagrammed like fashion influencers and I shared my top 5 rules to live by when organizing your closet. What a treat, truly. And because I believe we should all have a Lilly-like closet (read my thoughts on why here) I have included those most important rules on closet organization below.


But first it is important to understand that closet organization is not one size fits all.

“You mean you are not going to tell me how to bippity-boppity-boo my way to a new closet with a few standard baskets and bins?”

No, girl, sorry.

Everyone’s closet and relationship with their clothes is different. Hear me. There are walk in closets, reach in closets, shared closets, small apartment closets, Khloe Kardashian’s closet and the wardrobes that reside therein. All very different. Then there is the reason you need to organize in the first place - you got a new job and a new dress code, you lost a ton of weight, you’re ready to get rid of your maternity garb, you now SHARE your closet (oh the horror. I share mine, too), you’re not 22 anymore and the list and the beat goes on. So the following tips are a jumping-off point. If you don’t know where to start, start here.

Rules to live by when organizing your closet:

  1. Define your relationship with your wardrobe.

    How do you want to feel when you walk into your closet? What are your goals? Be realistic and ruthless in ridding your closet of anything that doesn’t line up with those aspirations. If you aren’t sure if it meets the mark, try it on. Most often we are holding on to the idea of the item and not how it actually feels on our body.

  2. Strategize and categorize.

    There are standard closet categories (shirts, pants, shorts, swim) and then there are YOUR categories (weekend athleisure, date night, wear to work, power heels, etc). Decide what those are and start sorting. Also include a throwaway and giveaway pile, because you are going to need it. This is not the time to be sorting by color, either. That comes later when everything goes back into the space.

  3. Know your priorities.

    Items you use on-the-daily should be placed front and center and easy to get to. Prioritize your sorted piles in this way and place them in order starting from the most accessible spot to the least. This might change seasonally or need to adapt to life’s circumstances, but don’t overthink it. I also like to take this opportunity to break the rules and style your closet with something you absolutely love, even if you don’t use it often. For me, it is my wedding shoes. They are gold sequined Kate Spade heels and while I am clearly not wearing them to Wegman’s, they make me happy. So, I unapologetically keep them next the shoes I wear daily.

  4. Keep your promises (See also #1).

    This one is simple. Do not, for any reason, let anything go from the toss / giveaway pile back into your closet even if there is extra space. Do NOT do it. Remember your goals!

  5. Quality over Quantity.

    I do not love a good deal like the next person. I am not ACTIVELY seeking a deal. I am after QUALITY when it comes to my closet. Once you have an organized closet, invest in pieces that stand the test of time and style. Not doing this results in more purchases over time based on wear or trend AND worse, more effort in maintaining your newly appointed space.

I really believe that closet organization can change the way you face your day. You may say your closet is just fine and I love that. It is not about what I think. My hope is that your closet and your clothes reflect the human you want to be each day - mom, sister, brother, father, friend, superhero…whatever it might be.

Until next time,

Kate Turk